Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I think he's mad...

Well, it's been a week now, and me and Kurt have kinda warmed up to one another. We talk enough to be considered friends, I guess, but we don't hang out much. I haven't made too many friends, mainly because all the girls on the floor are party-goers and I'm not. So, I'm hoping to maybe make friends with Kurt. 

To that end, Kurt set up his 360 earlier, and brought some friends into the room to play. There were him and two friends, and they were playing MW3. I'm not very fond of Call of Duty, but I wanted to play something since I wasn't allowed to bring my games. He laughed when I asked to play, but still gave me his fourth controller. I jumped right in, and won three games in a row. I think he's mad now, cause he's kinda avoiding me...what should I do?


  1. Guys usually don't like be beat by a girl. Until you guys are really secure in your friendship, I think you shouldn't play the 360 with him and his friends.


  2. Hmm, that may be the best route, huh? I thought playing videogames might be the quickest way to make friends, but I guess you're right. Or at least I shouldn't win so much.