Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I can't believe this!

My roommate is a guy! Talk about a completely unforeseen turn of events. Well, I say that, but I should have known a while ago. Apparently my First-year writing course is some sort of social experiment, and we need to live together for it. Classes start in three days, and our first class is the writing one.

Oh, and get this. We have three courses together! I'm never going to be able to outrun this guy...I really hope he doesn't want to try anything. I'd kill him. If he minds his own business, it'll be alright. I mean, it's only for a year, right?

At least we've got the bare essentials for now. Beds (separate), dressers, desks, a microwave, a fridge. He even brought a nicely sized T.V. I wanted to bring mine, along with my games, but my parents said it would take away from studying. As if I'm going to study much anyway. We also put a curtain in the corner for changing. I don't like the idea much, but the stalls in the bathroom are too small, and the showers have no room to move. It seems choices aren't very well liked at college.

 Anyway, the guy's name is Kurt. He seems nice and polite so far, and I really hope it's not an act.

Oh! he just unpacked a 360. If he plays a game later, maybe I should school him...

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