Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Awareness" huh?

Well, college life is slowly falling into place. Classes are going as well as to be expected- boring, monotonous, etc. Italian isn't bad, but its not particularly fun. My photoshop based class is cool, but I learned most of what we're covering now in High School. And chem is hell on earth. I took honors chem in high school and did well, but this class just isn't fair. Way to much work and not enough teaching.

However, my writing course continues to be my most confusing class. Professor Kirie asks us questions about our roommate's habits every class. According to Kirie, we're supposed to be "aware" of our roommate. And then we discuss some form of Social Science. But thanks to the questions, I'm becoming more and more aware of Kurt like he wants. We've become decent friends now, and chat while we're in the room. But thanks to that class, I could tell you his bathroom schedule, when he goes to sleep, when he eats, and everything else. In turn, this sort of being "aware" has brought problems with it too...oh well. Class is in ten minutes. I'll explain later. 

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